“Get to know the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira and then the Sacred Lake of Guatavita.
Discover the cultural and natural wealth that the surroundings of the capital offer "

This is, without a doubt, one of the best combinations of tourist attractions near Bogota; 

The day begins with a visit to the municipality of Zipaquirá; you will know the First Wonder of Colombia, The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, one of those places that you will not want to miss when you come to Colombia.

Then, cross the savannah to reach the Sacred Lake of Guatavita, famous for being the place where the Muiscas performed the ritual that gave rise to the Legend of El Dorado; This place has an overwhelming beauty that can only be understood by visiting it.

A perfect day to have a unique experience.

You can capture everything with your camera and be the envy of your friends

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

When you enter the mine you feel the mineral smell and the darkness takes possession of everything. Afterwards, a play of lights discovers the carved rock and tunnels that house the viacrucis stations. In the end there is access to three ships: that of birth and baptism, that of life and death and that of the resurrection, each with an altar.

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Sacred Lake of Guatavita

Surely you have heard about the Legend of El Dorado. Although there are many versions, the most famous assures that in the time of the Muisca indigenous people, the chief was covered with powdered gold and traveled a lagoon on top of a gold raft adorned with emeralds. The Spanish, during the time of the Conquest, assured that the Lake de Guatavita, in Cundinamarca, was the lake of that legend. 

Tour Highlights

Salt Cathedral Complex

Light Show


Little town of Zipaquirá

Little town of Guatavita

Indigenous Way

Sacred Lagoon

Cacique's House

And much more...





10 Hours


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Portuguese - French

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We have designed 2 different versions of this tour to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira plus the Laguna Sagrada de Guatavita on the outskirts of Bogotá. 

Thinking that each person has different tastes and desires, you can choose between the two plans depending on the characteristics that you most want.


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