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LA COLINA - Hotel Cottage It is a family project, developed in an intimate, elegant place and with a permanent concern for the care and well-being of guests. The property itself is very special, the buildings are both hotel and art gallery and they exhibit sculptures and paintings throughout the environment. The place exudes a tranquility not comparable with any other place in the city. An oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Bogotá »

LA COLINA - Hotel Cottage It is located in the northwestern area of ​​Bogotá, nestled in the middle of the “Hills of Suba” forest reserve.

We have five rooms where all the details have been carefully thought out: beds king size with anti-allergy down covers; 600 to 1.000 thread count sheets (100% organic cotton) that provide a soft and quiet rest; black slate stone floors brought especially from the Andes mountains; Sapan wood ceilings with more than 200 years old; rooms with a beautiful view of gardens or private patios.

In our common areas it is possible to enjoy wide spaces. Highlighting the main room with a large fireplace where our guests can talk and enjoy evenings around gatherings of travel and experiences. The dining room, with a bar and open kitchen for the comfort of travelers, shows a spectacular view over the entire environment. The terrace opens to the outside with its tables and umbrellas for breakfast or coffee; and there to enjoy the benevolence of the climate. 

As a gastronomic proposal, an author's kitchen based on the fire of the wood that feeds a large barbecue grill and the clay oven to make homemade breads and different dishes. The hotel It is an ideal space for unforgettable family and business events.

Additionally we offer extravagant and different city tours, such as the specialized art tour for collectors and art lovers offered by Federico Ruiz.


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LA COLINA - Hotel Cottage It is a boutique hotel committed to the environment, offering a unique experience, where accommodation is just an excuse to wake up embraced by the color, beauty and pleasure of aesthetics; these, framed by art, nature, good food and warm service. An accommodation designed to stay in the heart thanks to the care and love with which we serve.

Looking To The Future

We are recognized nationally and internationally within the world of boutique hotels as one of the most characterized design hotels in Colombia, thanks to the high quality of our service; to the gentle warmth of our treatment, to the design of the facilities, to the harmony of the atmosphere and to the constant innovation of tourist products and services for our guests. LA COLINA - Hotel Cottage He is recognized for offering an original and innovative concept of and for providing the best Art Tours in Colombia.

What We Believe

  • Sustainability as a major principle.
  • Responsibility and honesty with our clients.
  • Respect for the human being.
  • Respect for our employees, suppliers and collaborators.
  • Service with quality and warmth.

Hotel Policies

  • We believe that we are greatly responsible for the impact we cause on these beautiful hills. And we constantly work to achieve the most delicate sustainability possible.
  • We sincerely listen and introduce the suggestions that our clients have to make us for the constant improvement of our service.
  • We seek harmony with nature, respect for all living beings, a commitment to art, a warm attention and a service with details.
  • The satisfaction of our guests is the fundamental objective of our service.
  • Our reason for being: a hotel with unique design and style; A Small-Great hotel, warm, cozy and comfortable.
  • We reject child exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with minors and our guests are warned that sexual abuse is criminally punished in accordance with Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001 and other legal provisions in force in Colombia.
  • We do not agree with the sale, nor do we facilitate trade or exhibition, of historical and archaeological goods or any aspect that damages the patrimony of the Nation or that of the original settlers.
  • We do not allow or encourage within our facilities the consumption, display, sale or trade of wild species.

LA COLINA – Hotel Cottage has once again been awarded the TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice 2023 award. Placing us among the 1% of the best hotels in the world.

“Winning the Travelers' Choice award proves that LA COLINA Hotel Cottage provides great experiences to those who matter most: their guests. With changing expectations, continued labor shortages and rising costs, this is no easy feat, and I am continually impressed with the hospitality industry's resilience and ability to adapt. Cheers to another successful year!

John Boris, Chief Growth Officer.


«The last year has been extraordinary for us, both for the growth in sales and recognition, and for the great performance of all our collaborators, without whom it would be impossible to achieve these triumphs. To our clients a big hug for believing in us during these years » 

Federico Ruiz, Co-Founder.

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