Get out of Bogotá, meet a coffee farm and then the Tequendama Orchid Museum.

«Coffee is undoubtedly one of the international references of Colombia».

Now it is easier to have the opportunity to know about our flagship product, we have designed a spectacular tour to learn about the background and the good flavors of this magical grain. Meet first hand one of the ways to enter our Colombian idiosyncrasy.

Join us and come to live a day full of fun while we go through the coffee plantations in the countryside with the peasants in their coffee farms of 200 years. You will know about the preparation methods, aromas, fragrances and the energy it gives.

Then we will visit the Tequendama Orchid Museum, a natural destination that offers its visitors a walk with delicious aromas, colors and shapes in the kingdom of the most exotic flowers in the world and of which Colombia is the champion.

Enjoy this amazing experience!

A perfect day to have a unique experience.

You can capture everything with your camera and be the envy of your friends

Colombian coffee -
"A Love With Flavor"

Although the coffee bush comes from africaWhen we talk about coffee we automatically think of Colombia, where, unlike other countries, Coffee beans are selected one by one, choosing those that have the appropriate degree of maturation, in order not to collect the green beans, which give an astringent taste and not so pleasant.

For this reason, this selection makes the production more homogeneous and the taste more pleasant.

The existence of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, has contributed to the increase in coffee quality, since it is an institution that does not exist in any other part of the world.

the country of orchids

Colombia is fortunate to be the country with the highest number of orchid species in the world, with a total of registered 4.270, grouped into 274 genera distributed throughout almost the entire national territory.

The Orchid, Cattleya Trianae is the National Flower of Colombia, thanks to its colorfulness and the remarkable size of its flowers, this beautiful plant was included in the national symbols in the year 1936.

Colombian Orchids are ranked among the most beautiful flowers in the world. Its structure and colors make it extraordinarily beautiful.

Tour Highlights

Visit to coffee farm

Coffee Tour

Extraction, drying and threshing processes

Tasting and delight of the best coffee in the world

Local Peasant Lunch

Visit to the Orchid Museum

More than 3.000 varieties of orchids.

And much more...





12 Hours


Spanish English

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