Let's go to the market place together to discover the fruits and flowers of Colombia

“A journey in the middle of colors, aromas, shapes and flavors”

Colombia has an extensive diversity in fruits and flowers that are produced in our fertile lands; advantages granted by the different heights and ecosystems that it possesses.

In this experience, we will take you to know relevant market places in Bogotá, where you can taste some fruits of our land, and simultaneously know the daily life of a place that supplies supplies for Bogota homes.

Finally, we have the option to enjoy a typical fruit salad or a natural fruit juice that you liked, well in the Colombian style.

A perfect day to have a unique experience.

You can capture everything with your camera and be the envy of your friends

Colombian Fruits - Origin That Excites

Fruits represent a characteristic of Colombia, that of a colorful, cheerful country with a pleasant flavor.

They are a source of protein, vitamins, water and minerals, but also a source of inspiration for poets and singers, who in graphic metaphors compare the love and sensuality of women with the sweetness and juiciness of fruits.

Colombian flowers

Thanks to our privileged geographical location we are allowed to have a megadiverse territory.

Colombia hosts from south to north a whole floral paradise that attracts the eyes of the world.

Colombia is the country with the most plants with angiosperm flowers in the world. The country has 26.000 species.

Tour Highlights

Bogota Flower Market

Paloquemao Market Square

Fruit Tasting

Meat Section of the Plaza

Vegetables and Herbs Section

And much more...





4 Hours


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Portuguese - French

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